Single Parents Day 2021



Every year, Single Parents Day is celebrated in the UK and Ireland on 21st March, and this year we want to make it bigger than ever.

We know single parents have been doing an incredible job in especially challenging circumstances over the past 12 months. This Single Parents Day, we are joining with our partners Gingerbread, Parenting NI and One Family (Ireland)  to recognise that and share your stories of strength – however big or small.

Share your own story of #SingleParentStrength, the story of a single parent you know and admire, or just a general message about the amazing Single Parent Strength you’ve seen over the past year – and every year before that!

Send us your story

You can write a message or send a video, and we’ll use them as part of our Single Parents Day celebration on social media taking place on March 21 2021.

Single parents: Tell us something you’ve done (during the pandemic or before) that you’re proud of as a single parent, whether it’s something you achieved in your own life or something you supported your child to do.

Supporters: Tell us why recognising #SingleParentStrength is important to you.

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It takes strength to care for yourself

Recharge your #SingleParentStrength.

For single parents, especially during the pandemic, finding time to care for yourself can be a real challenge. Our My Life and Me website, which launched last year, has lots of self-help tips, advice and links to resources and support on wellbeing, relationships, children, money, home, and work, training and education.

Visit My Life and Me

It takes strength to ask for help

#SingleParentStrength doesn't mean doing it all alone.

We know that single parents work hard to be strong for their children, whatever their circumstances, but everybody needs support sometimes. We want single parents to know they’re not alone and that there is support out there when you need it.

We have local services in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Edinburgh, Dundee, and Falkirk, and a national Lone Parent Helpline and webchat.

Find out about the support we can offer

Support One Parent Families Scotland

Make a one-off donation by texting SPDSCOT to 70085 to donate £3. Texts cost £3 plus one standard rate message.

To give a little extra, you can text SPDScot5, SPDScot10, SPDScot15 or SPD20 to donate £5, £10, £15, or £20.

See other ways to donate to support single parent families, including setting up a regular monthly donation.