Social enterprise takes on Flexible childcare services from OPFS

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OPFS Flexible Childcare Services transferred to FCSS

Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS) has taken on the flexible childcare services in Dundee and Aberdeenshire previously registered and provided by OPFS.

OPFS first identified a need for more flexible childcare services when some of the parents they supported were unable to take up offers of employment or education due to a lack of high quality, flexible, accessible and affordable childcare services. From this need, OPFS has spent 21 years developing flexible models of care, that fit with the needs of families, which are affordable and flexible, growing from strength to strength and expanding its operations to the point that it made sense to separate them from the core business of OPFS and establish FCSS. FCSS registered as a Scottish social enterprise in May 2019.

All staff involved in the management and delivery of the services have been transferred to FCSS. Childcare operations will continue in Aberdeenshire and Dundee with a new organisation, Direct Childcare based in Inverness, also joining in January.

OPFS will continue to support FCSS with back room functions and there will be continued close links between both organisations. OPFS services for single parents and childcare in Falkirk will be unaffected by the transfer. OPFS wishes FCSS and all its staff prosperity going forward into 2020 and beyond and looks forward to seeing the future developments in current and new services this childcare specific organisation.

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