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Hi all,

Thanks for the post Philippa and everyone else who replied.

I joined meet up despite it being out of my comfort zone and have been to some events when I am able to. I also attended a compassion course run by the NHS psychology department in my area. I’ve found that these changes have helped with my loneliness and both have really helped turn my life around. I think much of my loneliness was to do with a negative self image and fear of going to group things as I’m more comfortable in a one to one situation. Pushing myself has helped broaden my outlook and allow me to explore different parts of me.

The events I organise are vegan ones and I attend lgbtq+ events as well as craft/art ones. I think meet up works best for me in the sense that I can choose when I am able to organise and attend events with being a single parent. I originally wanted to organise something with all us single parents but there are medical things going on with me at the moment so I wouldn’t be as reliable as I would need to be to organise something here.

I may well meet some of you at a meet up event….

I appreciate everyones honesty and openness about feeling lonely. It’s tough to say the least but there are beautiful moments within those dark times. Keep trying and moving step by step.

Take care all.

H 🙂