IPSOS Omnibus Survey of Scottish Parents- Financial pressures facing Lone Parents

Last updated: 08/08/2022

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This paper provides an analysis of Single Parents’ responses to three questions in the Ipsos Scotland ‘Omnibus Survey of Scottish Parents’ conducted at the end 2021 and was completed by a representative sample of 1,004 parents of children aged 0-18, based in Scotland.

This has been a financially challenging time, and families across all demographic groups have experienced new financial challenges. The findings show that Single Parents have experienced financial hardship in greater proportions than couples with children.

  • 58% of Single Parents in Scotland found it more difficult to afford their bills in the last year
  • 60% have experienced reductions in the amount of money they are able to put aside or save for the future
  • 52% reductions in the amount of benefits received.
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