OPFS looks forward to working with new First Minister for an inclusive, socially just Scotland



Reacting to the election of Humza Yousaf MSP as SNP leader and First Minister, One Parent Families Scotland Chief Executive Satwat Rehman said:  

“Congratulations to Humza Yousaf on being elected as First Minister of Scotland. 

“We wrote to all the candidates for the leadership of the SNP during the campaign, along with 12 other women’s, children’s and families’ charities, saying it is our strong belief that our new First Minister must be seen by all of Scotland’s children as a person who sees them as equal citizens and that their family is equally valued.  

“This is clearly expressed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which the Scottish Government has signed up to. We asked all three candidates if they would commit to policy-making that is based firmly on the principle that all families, whatever their make-up, are equally valid, valued, and respected. We were pleased to receive a response from Humza Yousaf, which was the only one we received.  

“We warmly welcome his reply that ‘all families are valid, valued, and respected’ and that ‘our aim to build a wellbeing society starts with our children, with each child and their family valued – and definitely celebrated – as part of the diverse, equal, and socially just Scotland we want to build.’
During the campaign to be elected, Humza Yousaf said he was angry about poverty in an energy-rich Scotland and a wealthy UK, and that eradicating poverty should be the defining mission of the next First Minister. We were pleased to hear his support for progressive taxation and a recognition that to help people – particularly parents – into jobs we need wraparound support, expanded childcare and help with day-to-day costs such as school clothing and school meals. 

“He also said that we need to acknowledge the intersectional nature of poverty, and to ensure that we have the data we need to act. We hope this will be prioritised as the new Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan rolls out over the next three years.  

“Along with others in the third sector, we look forward to working with the new First Minister to eradicate child poverty in Scotland so no child goes without food, warmth, or the support they need to have a happy life and achieve all they can be.

“And as an organisation dedicated to supporting single parents and their families, we hope to work closely with First Minister Humza Yousaf to realise his positive comments on family diversity and equity, and his commitment to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and social justice that will help build a better future for everyone living in Scotland.” 

Read the full response from Humza Yousaf to our letter here