Single parents week 2022



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Yesterday (March 21st) we celebrated Single Parents Day. We are continuing this theme all this week with Single Parents Week.

A week of highlighting policy issues and difficulties faced by single parents. Obstacles overcome, resilience, quotes from OPFS, quotes from parents. Links to support and information if affected by the issues.


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Week of raising awareness of issues affecting single parents

The rest of the week we will focus on some of the additional issues faced by single parents to raise awareness.

Tuesday 22rd March - Cost of living crisis

Wednesday 23rd March - Employment and employability

Thursday 24th March - Young parent penalty

Friday 25th March - Child poverty

Donate to help single parent families

Your donation we will help us to provide more single parent families with:

  • Food – Packages or vouchers for families in crisis.
  • Fuel – Vouchers to help cover some of increasing costs.
  • Money – Campaign for government to increase benefits in line with cost of living increases.
  • Wellbeing – Groups and activities for single parents. Peer support across Scotland on new single parent forum. Trips for families.
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