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Hi, I’m Cheryl.

1. How old are your children, and name one thing they’ve done recently that made you laugh?
I have two boys aged 12 and 8.
My youngest describing a kiwi “well it’s like a kiwi but green and has lumpy bits”

2. What led you to join the OPFS forum?
To have more support and to make new friends!

3. It can be difficult juggling everything as a single parent, mention one thing you find difficult about being a single parent?
Loneliness and also having to constantly be the one that picks up the pieces after absent father swans in and wrecks everything.

4. Mention one thing that you like about being a single parent?
Ability to do what I like, when I like without being constantly judged or moaned at!

5. Tell us about a hobby or something you like to do for fun or relax? It could just be something small that you are able to fit in after your children are in bed.
I love taking photos!