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I feel we all live in a very isolated world at them moment with the only source being our phones. Texting and call is fantastic to keep in touch however its ok to crave human interaction.
Mothers/Single parents often feel isolated due to so many other priorities that come before ourselves and when the time comes for some self care we feel we feel we have missed the boat as it often comes creeping up on us out of nowhere.

Have you got any friends in a similar situation? Would they be willing to come round for dinner or even just a cuppa? Do you have any friends with dogs? Offer to walk with them when they go out walking on the days your little ones are with dad or relatives. Sometimes all we need is some interaction and face to face friendships.

I have a mum friend who is in a similar situation and once a week we facetime while making dinner. someone’s in the background chatting etc it really does work wonders. Its like having them there with you!