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      Hi everyone,

      Does anyone else feel lonely in their single parentdom? I can’t do the whole online dating thing as it’s like being a commodity and judging others on pictures and blurb….. The whole thing upsets me and emphasises the loneliness I feel. My 11 year old is a wonderful developing person so I am incredibly blessed to have her but I didn’t visualise being this alone. I don’t work as I need to be there for my daughter who’s Autistic.

      My buddies work which means I have even more time on my hands when my wee beauty is at school. I do have activities and hobbies but the loneliness is pretty crushing at times.

      How does everyone else feel about this? What do you do to cope when things are tough? I have strategies and all but today has just been one of those……

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      Omg I hear you!! tried online dating so stressful awkward and definitely not my thing. The loneliness is really hard especially now the darker nights. kids also getting older so pretty much living in their rooms. 😞 Things I do are find a good series and binge watch, reading – love a murder mystery, “trying” mindfulness (does anyone else struggle with this!!) I also try to speak to friends and family different times of the week to break it up but agree it can be crushing. Remember though you have got this!!! (We also have this forum. 🥳

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        Mamabear, I understand what you mean too with kids getting older and distancing themselves. My wee soul needs her own time after the stresses of school or being at her Daddys. I recognise this but it’s tough because it enhances my feelings of aloneness. I’m sure you feel the same…..? I speak with my Mum most days and friends occasionally but they work sooooooo. I’m aware many people feel this way but it’s good to hear it from you too.

        Thanks for your message.

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      I feel we all live in a very isolated world at them moment with the only source being our phones. Texting and call is fantastic to keep in touch however its ok to crave human interaction.
      Mothers/Single parents often feel isolated due to so many other priorities that come before ourselves and when the time comes for some self care we feel we feel we have missed the boat as it often comes creeping up on us out of nowhere.

      Have you got any friends in a similar situation? Would they be willing to come round for dinner or even just a cuppa? Do you have any friends with dogs? Offer to walk with them when they go out walking on the days your little ones are with dad or relatives. Sometimes all we need is some interaction and face to face friendships.

      I have a mum friend who is in a similar situation and once a week we facetime while making dinner. someone’s in the background chatting etc it really does work wonders. Its like having them there with you!

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      Hey Runningmum,

      I don’t have friends in a similar situation unfortunately. All my friends are busy with work/families etc, I rarely hear from them unless I instigate the text/call. They are always pleased to hear from me but I’m not keen on constantly being the person to keep in touch. I have allergies to animals which means my friends with pets are not people who I can visit, frustrating since I love animals but it is what it is.

      I do volunteer and go places which’s great when I’m feeling good but makes me feel more isolated when I see couples and groups of friends out and about.

      I have a good laugh with my daughter much of the time and my Mum is awesome so there are a great deal of happy things in my life. Loneliness is just a tough thing to deal with at times….

      It’s great that you have face time with your buddy while cooking. That’s sweet. 🙂

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