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Hey Runningmum,

I don’t have friends in a similar situation unfortunately. All my friends are busy with work/families etc, I rarely hear from them unless I instigate the text/call. They are always pleased to hear from me but I’m not keen on constantly being the person to keep in touch. I have allergies to animals which means my friends with pets are not people who I can visit, frustrating since I love animals but it is what it is.

I do volunteer and go places which’s great when I’m feeling good but makes me feel more isolated when I see couples and groups of friends out and about.

I have a good laugh with my daughter much of the time and my Mum is awesome so there are a great deal of happy things in my life. Loneliness is just a tough thing to deal with at times….

It’s great that you have face time with your buddy while cooking. That’s sweet. 🙂