Reply To: What is the most difficult thing about being a single parent?

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I can relate to much of what Peach said.

It’s hard that my daughter is now seeing the reasons why I left the marriage and not wanting to go to see her other family because of that. It’s tough when everything lies squarely on my shoulders because her Daddy isn’t reliable but I’m lucky in that he does pay maintenance but I feel that’s because I approached child support services for that to happen. It’s hard that my Mum will offer to help out but moan about it when I do ask. It’s hard that I can’t work because my daughter needs me in holiday times because her Daddy can’t take her for more than he does and because my Mum and my daughter would not cope being together for long periods of time. It’s that I am often alone because I don’t have a partner or friends in the same situation as me.

The beauty of my situation is that my daughter and I have a great relationship and I am truly blessed to have her even if her Daddy doesn’t show his appreciation of her – I do and always will.

I hope you are both okay Marissa and Peach…..