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No support in my case.
I stay in an area where majority of families have men who are high wage earners.
They provide the home, the cars, the hot tub and the personal trainer.
The kids attend around 6 clubs a week each.
The wives don’t need to work and many have been supported by their husbands to set up in business with independent trades.
They have a social life and have 4 holidays abroad per year.
Im muddling along trying to keep my head above water to pay the rent and bills. I receive no finincial support and have not seen violent father to my children in 10 years.
I often wonder where I went wrong.
I’m not jealous of others lives, but nobody wants to give up oor change their lifestyles to include me as a friend. Its the same with their kids. They get it all on a plate. Whilst mine has lack of confidence and hides in her room as she is left out as the other teen girls go shopping, eat out and go to the cinema.
We have been rejected and we feel not good enough. The council says there is no need for single parent support in this area. The council is run by retired offshore evil and gas workers and businessmen , the majority are Tory councillors. The locals MP is Tory.
I want to move away somewhere where we are welcomed and supported, but cannot afford to.