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Hi my name is Courtney i have 2 children ages 3 years & my son will be 11 in September can’t believe i will have an 11 year old!!

I have joined the group to make new friends and for advice and support & also ideas from other parents.

Not being able to join a gym or go walks when i want. My son is autistic & has hyper mobility so walking for him isn’t very fun & when taking both them & the dog it’s sometimes a bit crazy! When the kids are at school/nursery I’m at work then i finish work and get the kids. They do go to their dads every second weekend and that’s when i try fit in as much as i can. I also find it difficult when my kids are having a bad day and I’m alone trying to deal with the meltdowns my daughter is currently going through a naughty stage and pushing boundaries and this can be extremely exhausting & challenging when you cant just take some time out when needed.

I enjoy being a single parent because i get to make the choices and decisions without anyone moaning or not agreeing. I get more cuddles kisses & love from my two babies. I look at my two beautiful kids and be proud that i have raised them 90% myself and they are two incredibly little humans that i love & cherish every day.

When my kids are in bed normally i tend to have an early night as im knackered but or i will watch something on netflix or have a chat with my friends on phone for a catch up because trying to catch each other with our busy lifes can be difficult. When my kids are away every second weekend i like to go walking, sometimes go for a swim try catch up with housework & do food shop for kids return etc but i also sometimes go out with friends/family for dinner & maybe a night out in town.