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Nice to meet everyone! I’m Tosh and can’t wait to start using the form.

1.I have a five year old daughter who is currently a handful! She’s always making me laugh with her antics but recently she was dancing Eurovision which was hilarious.
2. OPFS helped me out previously but recently due to family situations, I’ve gotten a bit lonely and I saw this advertised on Facebook and thought it would be a good way to talk to people who understand.
3. I find it hard juggling self-care! By that, I mean eating properly (I’ve gained weight just cause I’m just grabbing and eating when I can) and I haven’t been paying attention to my health like I should be. My daughter has been a handful with her behaviour so I’ve been focusing on her and forgetting to look after myself.
4. I like the fact that I have such a strong relationship with my daughter and the fact I’m not negotiating and depending on someone else.
5. One of my hobbies is watching true crime documentaries which is just something I like to do when my kid is asleep… I’ve always liked crime dramas and watching true crime documentaries of how they solve crimes… I just love it.