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Hi everyone. Just joined the forum. Just thought I’d introduce myself. I’m D 👋 it’s an acronym of my real name but my friends call me D.

1. How old are your children, and name one thing they’ve done recently that made you laugh?
I have 3 kids, my oldest will be 21 next month, my middle is 19 they’re all grown up & moved out 😭 they share a wee flat round the corner but it’s still so hard to let them go. My youngest is coming up 4 in August. He is being assessed for autism & possibly add or adhd. He makes me laugh every day but earlier he had an argument with my middle daughter that I wasn’t her mum I was only his 🤦‍♀️ she was getting totally embroiled into an argument with a 3 year old than I was her mum that they all have the same mum but he just kept shutting her down 🤣 he’s so determined & will not give up with what he thinks even if he’s wrong 🤣

2. What led you to join the OPFS forum?
I’ve joined the forum after coming out a 4+year relationship. It wasn’t a nice relationship I won’t mention any details here. Due to this I’ve ended up totally isolated 56 miles from home, family & friends. So I don’t get out much or have people around. Thought ot would be nice to meet other supermum’s I could chat to, help them if needed & maybe learn things in the process.

3. It can be difficult juggling everything as a single parent, mention one thing you find difficult about being a single parent?
The only thing I find difficult about being a single parent right now is when my ex left he didn’t just leave me he’s totally abandoned our 3 year old autistic son. Its not because I need him to raise my son I don’t. Its the anger I’m left with how he could treat my child like this. In 10 months he hasn’t made any form of contact. He’s ignored every fo of contact from me & even lawyers. He refuses to tell me if he’s ever going to be in my sons life or not. It’s infuriating.

4. Mention one thing that you like about being a single parent?
Well I’ve been a single parent for 21 years so I don’t know any different. My girls dad’s weren’t any better. What I enjoy most is the feeling of knowing that I don’t need anyone & I have no1 to thank for anything.

5. Tell us about a hobby or something you like to do for fun or relax? It could just be something small that you are able to fit in after your children are in bed.
I wouldn’t say it’s a hobby it’s a way of life for me. I listen to music everyday there’s not a day I can remember when I didn’t that’s my happy place when I have a pair of headphones on.