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Hi to all of my single super parents above 🤗 My son is 3 & is being assessed for autism its a long process but they’ve made it clear I just need the official diagnosis from the paediatrician. I also think he may have ADD OR ADHD. They’ve said they won’t entertain that until he’s 5/6. I also believe I have undiagnosed adult ADHD. It can be hard at times but you end up finding your own ways to deal with the issues yoir child can go thru & become distressed. I use distraction constantly if he’s confused, upset, distressed or lashing out. I find it more difficult when it comes to other people NOT listening to em when I tell them what to do in those situations & they don’t listen they end up raising voices, giving rows which my son only responds to with a complete meltdown of tears. The thing that riles me the most tho is when people ask about your child & you mention autism & they say oh I’m so sorry 😳 excuse me. I’m not sorry so why should you be? I find it ignorant arrogant & a total uneducated thing to say to someone. I wouldn’t change my son even if autism had a cure its part of who he is and my son is absolutely amazing.