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      Hi I’m sharrie, i have an 11 Yr old, she has autism but even though she is good.
      Sometimes it can be so hard and very worrying. Its worse because I dont have anyone else in the same position who I can talk or vent to who actually knows what I am going through.

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      Morning Sharrie,

      My daughter is also Autistic and I noticed there are some folks who have posted on here who have children with an Autism diagnosis. It’s on the introductions thread.

      I’m aware that your challenges may be different to mine because as we all know Autism and people are so different. That said, I’m happy to listen on here if you need to vent.



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      Hi. My 11yr old son is autistic and i am a single parent. Happy to chat….

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      I have a 14 year old with autism and a 10 year old with autism, adhd, social anxiety, separation anxiety, severe dyslexia, opposition defiant disorder and depression. Their dad passed in 2021. I’m a single parent with ADHD and I’m happy to be here if you need to vent.

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      I’m a single mum to a 14 year old autistic son.
      Happy to chat x

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      Hi to all of my single super parents above 🤗 My son is 3 & is being assessed for autism its a long process but they’ve made it clear I just need the official diagnosis from the paediatrician. I also think he may have ADD OR ADHD. They’ve said they won’t entertain that until he’s 5/6. I also believe I have undiagnosed adult ADHD. It can be hard at times but you end up finding your own ways to deal with the issues yoir child can go thru & become distressed. I use distraction constantly if he’s confused, upset, distressed or lashing out. I find it more difficult when it comes to other people NOT listening to em when I tell them what to do in those situations & they don’t listen they end up raising voices, giving rows which my son only responds to with a complete meltdown of tears. The thing that riles me the most tho is when people ask about your child & you mention autism & they say oh I’m so sorry 😳 excuse me. I’m not sorry so why should you be? I find it ignorant arrogant & a total uneducated thing to say to someone. I wouldn’t change my son even if autism had a cure its part of who he is and my son is absolutely amazing.

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      I don’t know if my son 14yrs (m) has autism? He will not let himself be diagnosed. Refuses to go to school. Lives online. Can be very violent, but not all of the time. Usually vocal and destructive. I’ve had the maximum amount of help from social services. They have been great. He is ok for a couple of months then starts again? Started at 9. Any help. Would appreciate some advice whether he has autistic symptoms.

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