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Hi H, I just wanted to give you my take on your situation if its okay? So I have a daughter who’s nearly 21. Only maybe coming on 3 years ago she sat down and told me she was bisexual. I asked her how long she’d known & she said since about 11 for sure. Thru her teenage years she had about 2 boyfriends. I had no incline she wasn’t heterosexual. I asked why she hadn’t told me way before she did. This broke my heart 😭 she said I thought you would throw me out & disown me. My child believed that & I have no understanding or idea of why. I’ve lots of gay friends, I have always supported the lbgtq+ community & for people to be able to love who they love without it being a problem for anyone else. I told her that there is nothing she could ever do that would make me unlove, disown or change my opinion of the person she is. Except 1 thing that YOU NEVER do to kids. I won’t say the word. I was broken hearted that my child had to live her teenage years being someone she wasn’t & couldn’t live who she was because of fear of what others would say and think. We had a chat the other day & she’s realised she’s not bisexual she’s pan sexual & that’s where you fall in love with a person’s being, their personality who they are regardless of their gender. I think that is absolutely lovely maybe if that’s how we all were love would maybe be easier. Yes you’re a woman you have kids being with men was who you where then it doesn’t mean you need to continue with that if it doesn’t make you happy. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with men that now you just can’t see yourself with another man now. If you find that you now want to see if you’re more suited to a relationship with a woman or you want to go down my daughters route then DO IT. Its your life & only your life. Obviously once you decide personally for me I’d tell my kids before anyone I’d explain the best I could & reassure them that they’ll always come first. Don’t leave them to hear from anyone else. If your kids see no issue & just want you to be happy that’s the only people’s opinion & feelings you should bother yourself with my love. I hope you stop worrying about others & finally put yourself 1st. That’s the least you deserve & I’ll be rooting for you my love xxx