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Hi, I’m Tori, I have one child – a thirteen year old autistic son. I’ve been a single parent for eight years, I have had lots of ups and downs over the last eight years – but feel that I’m coming out the other side. My son has inheritied my sense of humour – which comes back to bite me in the bottom sometimes, I joined this forum as I can get a little lonely sometimes. I do have some volunteering work but isn’t always enough social interaction. One thing that I can find difficult as a single parent is the fact that I don’t have reinforcement from a second parent. I also don’t have much family support from either sides of my family – one side ive completely cut out as they arent good for me. I don’t have anything to do with my son’s dads family as they arent good people either. I enjoy spending time with my son, I like going days away with him (though he’s a typical teenager – always finding something to moan about haha), As previously mentioned, I do some volunteering work, I enjoy this a lot as it gets me out the house and my son can choose to take part if he pleases as its mainly aimed at his age group. I also volunteer at a national trust of scotland location, this location is a keen interest of mine as it involves an author of a book that is still famous more than 100 years after being published.