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Hello, I’m Jo.

My daughter is 6 and we spend a lot of time laughing and dancing in the kitchen.

I’ve been my daughters only parent for a few months and trying to find a bit of normality amidst quite a lot of trauma. I feel like everyday is a challenge logistically, but also emotionally and physically. I know a lot of parents who share/shared custody but looking to connect with those doing it all themselves. Maybe those that have had to wade through some heavy emotional stuff while also cooking, cleaning, pick up, drop off, supporting, repeat repeat repeat.

While it’s challenging to be all on one parent, I’m so proud of my relationship with my daughter. It’s solid and gritty, and loving and tender. I don’t think co-parenting would have allowed me to step into the parent I’ve needed to be.

Nowadays, I love a very hot bath with the lights off and no noise. Or being able to have space and time to cook something for grown ups.

Thanks everyone for so freely sharing your experiences. Feels nice to not be alone.