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Hi Dopamine_hopes,

Thank so much for your lovely reply! It’s a long while since I’ve logged in here because there wasn’t much happening on here for sometime. I really appreciate your words of kindness and agree what you mentioned about letting my we soul know. We’re both fully supportive of the lgbtq+ community. She’s happy for me to be with someone regardless of their sex/gender identity. I’m happy for her to be who she is and evolve with or without a partner. My daughter is also happy with the pan sexual description but is only 12 so I’m sure it’ll change as she develops. No offence to men but I have always thought women are overall more aesthetically pleasing. I’ve been researching a lot about lgbtq+ concepts which is great as now I am clearer on who I am and that feels a relief. I’m less fearful of peoples opinions in that regard because my family have accepted my decision so that feels good. I’m very lucky that way but it feels like so many opportunities have been lost because I was too scared to experience them at the time.

Who knows what the future holds….. 🙂

H 🙂