Reply To: Single Parents Day – 21 March 2024

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Hi H,

Which area of Scotland do you live in? Unfortunately we can only arrange meet-ups in the areas we have local services. But I’m hopeful that groups of parents will be able to connect via the forum and arrange local meet ups somewhere public that feels safe for everyone.

Installing Zoom is easy enough and if this is something you would be interested in, I would be happy to have a test call with you before an online meet up.

Hope the crochet is going well? We had such grand plans with it during lockdown but my daughter and I have been stuck at the very early stages of it which feels like a shame after buying all the materials and lovely coloured wools.

I look forward to hearing yours and other single parents suggestions for how we can make this work and interesting. It could be rather awkward if we just arranged a Zoom chat and we didn’t have a focus. Depending on how many people are interested in joining we could also have breakout chat rooms as it’s easier to chat in smaller groups, especially for those that feel anxious. We could split into smaller groups by location, interest or any other way that people would like.