Losing a parent

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      My daughter lost her dad when she was an infant, my daughter is a teenager now, it’s just been me and her sister for all these years, recently my daughter said that her dad is alive, he’s just with another family and can’t get to her, she said she would rather he left than passed away.. I’m heartbroken.. I’m just feeling very lost and could do with some advice please, if anyone has been through something similar.. thanks

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      Hi tattedmumma,

      I recently lost my Dad as an adult. The grief I experience is similar to your daughter in that, I didn’t process it in the beginning. Perhaps because your daughter was little when her Dad passed, she is only able to process those feelings now as a teenager? Did she receive grief counselling as a young one? Is she receiving psychological support now? It seems you could all do with some support in dealing with this as it looks to me like she’s now coming to terms with what happened along with coping with her teenage years.

      I really hope you are getting help with all of this because it sounds tough. Sending hugs and healing vibes.

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