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      Myself and my partner are currently in the process of separating after much back and forth on the matter.

      We have a one year old and a two year old. Our flat is mine so myself and the kids will still be living here and he will have them a couple of days a week to let me work.

      Mentally I’m at my lowest as everything with two little ones and us not getting along has really taken it’s toll.

      It’ll take a while for him to get a place and then to sort it so it’s an acceptable standard to have two kids round to. We also have three dogs so he can’t go anywhere in the meantime as he couldn’t take them to a family members house and I couldn’t handle being left with 3 dogs and 2 kids by myself.

      I know I will feel so much better when we’re finally apart and I think we’ll be good friends/co parents but I’m just wondering how people navigated the weird limbo between deciding to separate and everything actually happening.

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