Parent voices

Last updated: 08/07/2024

Read the stories of resident and non-resident single parents talking about their experiences of child maintenance and the Child Maintenance System.

The CMS should be an effective way of preventing economic abuse being another factor to contend with but sadly it often enhances these issues instead.


Hamish* has one child who lives mostly with her mother. He recently separated from his ex-partner. Due to his work patterns, he struggles to see his child as much as he would like to. He also takes issue with the financial arrangements.

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Chloe has two young children with her ex partner. As a survivor or domestic abuse, she contacted the Child Maintenance Service to arrange financial support. Despite having evidence her ex partner was self employed and earning a high income, the CMS calculated maintenance payments based on him earning minimum wage. After attempting to resolve the issue with CMS staff, Chloe took the case to tribunal and the case was ruled in her favour.

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Gemma* is a single mum and a survivor of domestic abuse. She has a 12 year old son. She went to tribunal after the Child Maintenance Service ‘nil’ assessed her ex partner, despite her providing evidence of earnings.


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