Annual Report & accounts for 2022/23

One Parent Families Scotland works to enable single parent families achieve their potential, to reach a decent standard of living and contribute to Scottish society.

Our thanks go to many incredible single parents across Scotland, our co-producers and experts, who continually inspire us, as they face daily challenges, putting the needs of their children first. Thank you for trusting OPFS to be able to give single parents a voice.

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It has been another very busy year for all of us here at OPFS, working with one parent families, providing vital services in person and online, supporting families at the sharp end of the cost-of-living crisis and continuing our influencing and policy work on the priority areas identified by parents.

Last year, we acknowledged that the pandemic had exacerbated already difficult circumstances for single parents and their families, and this challenged us to re-evaluate and adapt our approach to service delivery. Coming out of a pandemic and into a cost-of-living crisis has only deepened and added to the challenges that single parent families face.

The agility and flexibility which colleagues and volunteers demonstrated during the pandemic has become integral to how we work to support parents, produce resources and make best use of different ways of communicating and sharing information with single parent families, our colleagues across different services and our partners.

See full report below and full list of funders, donors and supporters.

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