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Hi Jane,
Marissa from OPFS here. I hope you don’t mind I changed the name of your topic from ‘hello’ to ‘Netflix recommendations’ in hope that it will attract more responses as other parents will know what your post is about at a glance.

It can be tough on your own and it’s great when you have the chance to relax and do something for yourself. Is there a particular genre of shows and films that you particularly enjoy?

I enjoyed ‘Good Girls’ – funny and a bit shocking.
If you enjoy programmes with subtitles I would highly recommend ‘Cable Girls’ set in 1920’s Madrid mix of period drama, love, war, secrets, women’s rights etc.
My almost teenage daughter and I have enjoyed watching ‘Young Sheldon’ and I have just noticed a new series has been released.

Your taste might be completely different from mine, so hopefully more people share their suggestions soon.