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      I’m Jane I have 2 children joined to meet and hear from other single parents. It can be really tough sometimes on your own. I also really enjoy Netflix- any recommendations?

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      Hi Jane,
      Marissa from OPFS here. I hope you don’t mind I changed the name of your topic from ‘hello’ to ‘Netflix recommendations’ in hope that it will attract more responses as other parents will know what your post is about at a glance.

      It can be tough on your own and it’s great when you have the chance to relax and do something for yourself. Is there a particular genre of shows and films that you particularly enjoy?

      I enjoyed ‘Good Girls’ – funny and a bit shocking.
      If you enjoy programmes with subtitles I would highly recommend ‘Cable Girls’ set in 1920’s Madrid mix of period drama, love, war, secrets, women’s rights etc.
      My almost teenage daughter and I have enjoyed watching ‘Young Sheldon’ and I have just noticed a new series has been released.

      Your taste might be completely different from mine, so hopefully more people share their suggestions soon.

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      No problem Marissa – will have a look at your suggestions as not seen any of them – will let you know

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      Not Netflix, but it’s on Amazon Prime. I recently watched The Devils Hour, with Peter Capaldi. It is a really great series. The final twist is just genius!

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      Hi im sharrie, im currently watching firefly girls and enjoying it. Although it does depend on what genre you enjoy. Brooklyn 99 is good easy watching ginny and Georgia, dead to me and you also recommend

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