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      Hi, I am blessed with two beautiful daughters. I have struggled to bring them both up on one wage for many years. They are my purpose in life and always have been. I also work in a rewarding professional job but still struggle to make ends meet. A familiar story for many I am sure. The ex is a Ltd Company Director. I have spent years navigating the woefully inept CMS system. I would like to give advice to those who need it, based on previous experiences. My main hope from joining this forum is that CMS is no longer a blight on the landscape of Scotland, and that the children and Resident parents (over 90% female) are finally given justice, with their own system, fit for purpose. I would love to see a huge societal shift in Scotland that has a legal and moral expectation that child maintenance is properly paid in full and on time, every time, to every mother and child (and the very small percentage of fathers). Handing back the powers to Scottish Courts seems a much better solution while the finer details of an independent system is worked out. If we are ever lucky enough to get to that point. Anyway! I appreciate I am going on, just very passionate about this topic and happy to offer advice where I can. Been through it all! Including Tribunal.

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      Hello and welcome to our forum.

      Great to hear of your passion to change the CMS and offering support and advice to other single parents trying to navigate their way through this system.

      I work for OPFS and we are currently working on a project called Transforming Child Maintenance –

      If you would like to find out more about this and discuss possibility of joining our Single Parents Expert Panel for this project, or share your story in more detail to raise awareness of the issues you have experienced. I would love to hear from you. My email is:

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