Hi im Izzy (my secret agent name, obviously!)

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      1. How old are your children, and name one thing they’ve done recently that made you laugh? – I have two daughters who are 7, and my son is 3. My daughters are all about fashion lately, the daily cat walks are the highlight for me at the moment!

      2. What led you to join the OPFS forum? – Overall I just needed some support, somewhere to sound off, to get honest and practical advise and connect with people who “got it”.

      3. It can be difficult juggling everything as a single parent, mention one thing you find difficult about being a single parent?
      – Struggling with my mental health. I’ve struggled for a long time but it becomes a bit of a hamster wheel. I just have to get on with it for the kids, but I have a lot of guilt that I’m not good enough for them. I work full time, and study at uni too (entirely online!) And I’m a carer for my mum and brother. I just feel there isn’t enough of me to go around and I’ve reached breaking point.

      4. Mention one thing that you like about being a single parent? – Watching my children grow and develop a level of integrity I wish the whole world had. I tuck them in every night, and wake to them every morning. Nothing in the world compares to that.

      5. Tell us about a hobby or something you like to do for fun or relax? It could just be something small that you are able to fit in after your children are in bed. – I used to be house proud and really enjoyed cleaning and decorating. I also enjoyed a Netflix binge, and studying in my spare time. But recently I’m struggling to manage those things, have no motivation and struggle to even meet basic daily needs

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      Hi Izzy

      I hope your OK, I felt like I wanted to reach out to check on you since you said you were at breaking point. I know it can be hard to keep on track with your own mental health especially when it sounds like you are juggling a lot at the moment. Also please don’t think your not good enough for your kids, you are!!

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